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27 Wishes

May 31, 2012

This past weekend I celebrated my 27th birthday, and, for the moment, I am missing being 26. It was a great year: Finally celebrated my golden birthday on May 26, 2011; experienced my first year of marriage (best thing on earth); got a new job that was billions of times better than my last job; traveled to Nashville and Hilton Head for vacations (magical); won a trip and went to Mexico (more than magical); survived the NATO summit in Chicago; and then, on Saturday, turned 27.

And, as I only mentioned the premium moments of my 26th year, I am also relishing the low points: the breakup with my beloved band (huge blow), stifled creativity, and 20-something clueless wanderings. I feel further along than I was last year, but still ever clueless about the path I should be following. Not so much as career-wise, but life-wise.

I realize that these trials and how we react, are what defines us. And, each year that we turn older, we hopefully are getting closer to figuring it out.

So, now, upon the dawn of my 27th year, I am cognizant that I only have three more years to endure, entertain (and embrace) the classic 20-Something Quarter Life Crisis. And, as my ideas of 30-Somethings all stem from Sex and the City, I only have three years until I will apparently be living rich in city, sporting $400 heels. So, until then, I am putting together 27 wishes to  work towards, to get me to that magical plateau of the 30-Somethings (and out of the 20-Something-rut)………

Plus, birthdays are as good as New Years, a perfect time to dream, set goals and start fresh.

1. Learn 3 chords on my ukulele. Anyone can write a song with 3 chords, so it’s a good goal.

2. Deep clean the apartment every three months, which includes getting rid of things we don’t need = less baggage for our 30s.

3. Keep writing.

4. Find a doctor, dentist, waxer, and visit them regularly…or, as needed. (But JK on the waxer…)

5. Expand my workout routine from my cherished Jillian Michaels videos; finally use the world-class fitness center that I have free access to through my job. HELLO, DUH.

6. Keep in closer touch with my friends. Call more. Text less.

7. Study Spanish with my husband. Our trip to Mexico proved that our skills need some work. Como se WHAT?

8. Avoid getting a dog as long as possible.

9. Go on as many vacations as possible.

10. Go to more auditions.

11. Find or start a new band.

12. Set aside time every week to practice singing.

13. Learn how to cook authentic Indian recipes.

14. Find ways to be challenged at work; learn things beyond the scope of my position.

15. Attend more concerts.

16. Drink way more caffeine ( so I will be more awake).

17. Learn to be more adventurous (but still committed to never go camping).

18. Be less introverted. Being shy is BORING.

19. Be more confident.

20. Wear lipstick.

21. Pray more. Meditate more.

22. Adore my husband everyday.

23. Cherish the simple things.

24. Study vocal pedagogy and music history.

25. Eat brown rice instead of white rice.

26. Get an agent and become semi-famous.

27. Wear pearls to bed.

Each year is a blessing and a privilege.  Cheers to this one, and cheers to growing old. Happy Birthday!!!

(And, Happy Birthday to my magical mother who is celebrating her glorious birthday this Saturday! I love you!)

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