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Don’t Forget Your Tooth Brush!: The Thrill of Gearing up for Vacation

May 3, 2012

In February my dreams came true when my husband won a trip to Mexico. The Riviera Maya and I would be reunited again! And, the count down to our tropical vacation has reached the 48 hour marking at last. We leave this Saturday, on Cinco de Mayo. Perfection.

“Barkeep! Coronas for the house!” (Aka, Husband, get me a beer, it’s time to celebrate!)

The last three weeks, though they were the last dregs of Winter, were enjoyable as we looked more and more forward to our vacation. Our workouts became meaningful–rather than working out for the betterment of our health, we were prepping our beach bods. Our morale was boosted 500 percent, and we didn’t even have to pet any dogs. We began forming our vacation plans (champagne on arrival, early dinners, late night dancing) and prepared our vacation wardrobe (new swim suits for all).

Gearing up for a vacation, after all, is half the fun. The lists, the daydreams, the shopping!

For those of us who indulge in retail therapy, Vacation Wear retail therapy is the most medicinal of all. It’s definitely a mood booster, maybe even an aphrodisiac. 😉

I am a bonafide Scrooge with tight purse strings (and a broken zipper) whose current wardrobe is circa 2007. Although I didn’t go nutty and spend hundreds of dollars on a vacation wardrobe, I actually invested in a few choice cruise wear items (as my husband and I like to call vacation clothes, though our vacation is on land), and this, was really exciting! My new Cruise Wear: yellow roselett Aresole wedges, a silky red dress from Francescas, a busty Victoria Secret corset dress, a few unmentionables (oops, did I just mention what remains unmentionable?), a beach dress, and a couple swim suit options. Everything I purchased was either on sale or on clearance–except for the swim suit bottom, one must never skimp when it comes to covering the bunz!

The only thing that would have made my pre-vacation prep plans all the more exciting, would have been to go Cruise Wear shopping with my sister. JB is the fashionista of Cruise Wear. If she wasn’t a highly technical awesome surgical nurse, I like to think she’d be a professional shopper.

Because JB lives in Nashville, I relied on my husband to be my confidant de cruz attire. And, he took me to the mall twice, and that certainly is something.

Can’t forget the pre-vacation haircuts. I lopped at least 3 inches off my curly mane, and Patrick is visiting the barber on Friday. And, to top it off, I am using a gift certificate from Christmas to get my nails done on Friday (second time in my life I’ve had my nails done!).

And, now of course, the must-have last minute Pre-Vacation To-Do List:

1. Find passport hidden away in drawer of unmentionables.

2. Pack unmentionables.

3. Do not mention unmetionables.

4. Pack mentionables. And, if you can’t decide what to pack, bring it all. (Vacation advice from JB)

5. Remind co-workers (at least 12 times a day) that you will be out of the office next week because you will be in Mexico.

6. Put up Out-of-Office message: “I am currently in the Tropics. For immediate assistance, please do not contact me. I am on a beach. Drinking a margarita.”

7. Erase camera memory card Save Wedding photos and erase camera memory and charge battery.

8. Make sure your 96 Oldsmobile Station wagon can make it to the airport.

9. Knock on wood.

10. Go to library and check out book on “How to Make the Most of  My Vacation.”‘

11. Go to the little banker, and take out a stack of ones, to get the party started.

12. Bring a deck of cards.

13. Download (purchase) vacation playlist music.

14. Make secondary list of fun drinks to order. It’s all inclusive, so let’s get creative.

15. Practice dance moves the resort goers will remember you by (been there, done that).

Is there anything I am forgetting? Toothbrush? What pre-vacation rituals do you look forward to?

With that, I must sign off and get to that packing–don’t want to be late for the Bon Voyage party I am throwing myself.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo. Voy a Mexcio!

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  1. Irene permalink
    May 4, 2012 7:50 am

    You are well prepared. Loved it.

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