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Surprise! It’s May!

May 1, 2012

Oops, where did April go? I suppose after Chicago hit that 80 degree seven day stretch and plummeted into the 40’s for all of April, and I was forced to wear my winter coat again, I went back into hibernating. But even sleep can’t keep me from a DIY May basket and a good old fashioned Chicago protest. So, Hello May 1st, here it is!

Let’s recap the 40 Days + that endured my Rip Van Wrinkle End of Winter Melancholia/Transition Into Spring Awakening:

At the beginning of Lent, I decided to embark on a journey of spiritual examination through a 40 Days of Blogging challenge. And while it certainly was a challenge, let’s just say, I definitely did not find any Blogging Awards in my Easter basket come that pascal Sunday morning.

I did pretty good for the first two weeks or so, blogging almost every single day.

I created a tribute to my long standing love affair with pigeons, fell prey to my smart phone, ruminated on the quixotic romance of the Chicago music scene, threw a pizza partymouthed off to Aunt Flo, won a trip to Mexico, conquered the Chemistry of Irish Soda Bread, and pleaded to the world wide web for a wedding invite.

This was a triumph for me, posting so routinely after having gone for a year without one single peep post. My lenten goal was pulling me out of my mundane habits and forcing me to be more creative. But around the 12th day or so I was beginning to realize just how hard (and draining) it is to blog every day. My posts were becoming like diary entries, boring recaps of my day. I was turning into the Amy Adams’s Julie & Julia character, who was so annoying in the movie because she was so wrapped up in herself and her blog. If I was annoyed with myself, I am sure my husband was annoyed by me as well (Hun, what should I blog about? I can’t think of any ideas. I’m tired. I’m hungry–OH STICK A SOCK IN IT ALREADY!) I was gaining weight, cutting back on my work outs (not really, but it could have come to that point).

And then, I don’t know, life happened. “The Killing” happened. Spring happened. Dog sitting happened.

Writers who do post every day are champions. Hats off to you, glasses raised, let me shake your hand. Seriously.

It was a great challenge for me. I learned that I am not very capable of posting every day, but I can churn out some good ones every now and then if I try, and for me, that’s more important. And the creative outlet feels damn good. Now if only I can pull myself away from “The Killing”…

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