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Can Someone Please Invite Me To A Wedding or At Least Get Married on Facebook?

March 25, 2012

Yesterday I refreshed my Facebook news feed literally 103 times. Seriously.

I was waiting for a wedding to unfold literally, virtually before my eyes.

A girl that I went to college with, from the same music program, was getting married yesterday. I don’t think we’ve talked since graduation, but she did recently move to the Chicago area and thus, we are connected.

Also we are Facebook friends, therefore technically still in touch (though I think it’d be so much fun to get together in real life). And, to be honest, I have been monitoring her upcoming nuptials for the past six months.

No, this is not creepy, or stalking. This is what girls do. Especially girls, like me, who LOVE weddings!

Plus I remember when she first started dating her husband-to-be. For some reason we were talking on the phone and she told me about him, and I only remember this now because it struck me how so wonderfully happy she sounded. And I was happy for her.

And so, via the graces of Facebook, I counted down the days along with her. Wondered if everything was coming together. Wanted to call and see if she needed a florist, ask a billion questions. Thought about what kind of venue she might want, how many bridesmaids, did she say yes to the dress?

When I woke up Saturday, I was just so excited that someone I knew was getting married. And watching a wedding play out on Facebook is the next best thing to actually getting to go.

It was so thrilling to see as our mutual Facebook friends posted comments like “Lovely ceremony!” Maddening, waiting for pictures. Finally, someone posted a picture of the bride, and of course, she was stunning!

I was a third party wedding guest, and although I was genuinely happy for my friend, my elation was also bittersweet.

“I wish we had been good friends so I could have been invited to the wedding,” I said to my husband on our walk yesterday (I brought my iPhone so I could keep up on Facebook).

“Yeah, I know,” he said. “We should make more friends so we can get invited to more weddings.”

My husband and I are hardcore lovers of attending weddings. While our own wedding was the best day of our lives, we get so much joy attending others’ weddings, knowing just how special and exciting the day is. Plus, we love a big party.

As the 2012 Wedding Season commences, we do not have one wedding to attend this year. That seems kind of weird for twenty-somethings right? Not one close friend, not one cousin is getting married. We did have one friend that got engaged, but they are planning a 2013 wedding–the nerve!

So this leaves me with two thoughts: One, are fewer people getting married? And Two, should we be better at keeping in touch with our old friends, in the event that they get engaged and host an open bar, live band, wedding reception?

Or, maybe I should wedding-stalk less on the World Wide Web, though this would be nearly impossible, now with Pinterest and people pinning every single wedding idea that comes along.

I suppose 2012 is just a wedding drought and pretty soon we will be so inundated with weddings that we won’t have a free weekend in the summer (here’s hoping!).

In the meantime, I am considering posting a Personal Ad:

Couple Seeking Weddings to Attend

We are looking for a classy, drama-free, thoughtfully planned wedding to attend. Nice looking, slim, brown curly hair (both), we dress to impress. We are diverse; love traditional banquet hall, chic warehouse receptions, Mariachi bands, (good) DJs, live bands. Great at getting the dance party started, though Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide are unacceptable. Preferably adults only. Ceremony should be not too long, though not too short. Wine/Beer bar is acceptable, though Open Bar is ideal. We like steak, but will order chicken to save you some money. Good at conversation, we will take lots of pictures.  If you’re looking for some great, fun people to fill some seats at your wedding, we’re your guests. Please send Pinterest url.

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  1. March 27, 2012 10:56 pm

    I just have to tell you, I love your posts. They often make me laugh out loud. Which is why I added your blog to my Google Reader. I need to laugh out loud–so thanks for that! 🙂

  2. Irene Baldwin permalink
    April 4, 2012 10:51 am

    You could send out a “Wedding Singer” ad, since you are one…that could draw some action.


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