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Before Aunt Flo Comes To Visit

February 29, 2012

Warning: Taboo and Womanly Topics Abound 

February 29: Today is a day that our calendar normally skips over. For some, it’s special day, a birthday that comes only every 4 years. For others, it’s a day of concern, will they really get paid for work on a day that doesn’t usually exist?

For me, I would have like to leap over this particular Leap Day.

For some reason I am feeling especially gloomy. Things are annoying me more than ever. I have no patience for anyone around me. And it’s a Wednesday and I don’t like Wednesdays.

Ugh, I am sounding like the worst kind of person.

I don’t know if it is winter doldrums, or if I am burnt out at work, or if I hate working downtown amongst 100 billion people who never share the sidewalk, or if I’m just becoming a cynical adult.

I hope and pray with all my heart that I am not any of those things.

I would like to say these feelings are due to PMDD, but for all I know this is a condition that a Yaz commercial may have invented so any frustrated women would subscribe to their birth control.

There are a lot of frustrated women.

I think the worst part about being a women, is that we may never know if our feelings are actually our own. Do people actually annoy me or am I just hormonal? Do I hate chewing noises or am I just hormonal? Do my work pants really look like baggy clown pants or am I just hormonal? (All hypothetical of course.)

And, there is a stigma with PMS (I mean, yuck, I hate that word). I think we are taught not to blame our hormones, or to deny their existence.  But I think for the sake of my sanity, it just has to be true.

The worst part is that men will never understand. They think it’s all in our head or we’re crazy. But it’s like being under arrest by our own bodies. Chemicals you can’t even prove.

Now I am even more depressed.

And I shouldn’t blame Leap Day, I’ve been feeling this way for a couple of days. As a matter of fact, I feel this way at this exact time every month….gotta call my doctor, I need Yaz…….



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