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Two Reasons Why I Need to Have a Pizza Party

February 28, 2012

Today was SUPPOSED to be my BIG DAY–but I was stood up.

(HEAVEN’s to BETSY! I am NOT talking about my wedding day, please stop panicking!!!)

Whoa, I think I freaked out there a little bit myself. No, it was just that today was supposed to be the deadline for this giant project that I had been working so hard on since November. I’ve been staying late, coming in early. Knocking my brains around, scalding my eyeballs, slicing my hands with paper (accidently), developing multiple scary personalities, all gearing up for TODAY.

I arrived at work today looking more businessly beautiful than I ever have and ever will in my life, and I sat down at my computer, logged into my e-mail, only to see that the deadline of my project was CANCELLED. And would be rescheduled. For April. And the e-mail had been sent the night prior, about the time I was commuting home... Big Fat LOL

In reality, where I am hormonally stable and extremely reasonable (…) this is good news. I don’t get to be finished with the project, but I will have more time to cram in all the things I did not finish in time. And I am a perfectionist, and apparently a sadist, so I will take this Part Two and continue to work really hard. But seriously folks…The worst part was my outfit really was my best ever.

And that is Reason Number One why I need to have a pizza party tonight.

Reason  Number Two for Needing a Pizza Party: I am trying to win a trip to Mexico and I need to spend the rest of the night eating pizza and entering the contest. C’mon Mexico!!!

Pizza’s here. GOTTA GO!


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