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Smartphones Aren’t Just Smart; They’re Wise

February 24, 2012

As I embark on my 40 Days of Blogging (DAY 3!!!), I recall how last year, for my Lenten penitence I gave up gossiping and talking about people behind their back.

(Wow, I sound like I must be as bad as a teenage girl–but No, I’m not THAT bad. I like, you know, just like, like, like to tell stories, like sometimes, like I wasn’t that bad! Like.) (Like for serious though.)

Anyhow, this year I do not have to give up gossip and scuttlebutt for Lent, because learning the hard way, I have abandoned airing the dirty laundry once and for all.

How? My Smartphone taught me a lesson.

I was at work, talking to my co-worker about an acquaintance of mine–going on and on, complaining about this, and accusing of that, when suddenly–UGH–I realized that while I had been carrying on like a ninny, my Smartphone had dialed the person I was bellyaching about, and the call had been going on for THREE MINUTES…!!!!! @#%#!!!! %#@##!!!!!!

As soon as I noticed, I hung up the call. And being the brightest shade of red ON EARTH, my heart pounding, I redialed the number, and:

“Hi–hey…HA HA HA, I, um, yeah, I think I accidentally called you….Did you hear my conversation, uhhh HA HA HA?”

“Uhhh,” said the person on the other end. “Um, No. I could hear some people talking, but I couldn’t hear anything….”

“Oh, OK, well, yeah sorry about that–so about this weekend, I’m so excited about….” And I awkwardly moved on to another subject, trying extra hard to be SO extra nice.

After I hung up, I knew in my heart that this person had heard my ENTIRE conversation.

In reality I didn’t say anything truly terrible, I was just complaining about certain facts as a way of releasing my frustration, but it wasn’t good. It felt rotten.

And so, as soon as I hung up the call the second time, I immediately went to my computer and sent an apology:

“Dear….I just wanted to send you a quick note bc my conscience is getting the better of me. As it may seem the Smartphone may be smarter than we think, and mine caught me not at my best, and thus wants me to fess up to my erred ways….”

The letter went on to apologize and explain myself–geeze, I wasn’t even positive if he had heard my conversation. But, thank my lucky stars, as it turned out, my acquaintance had, in fact, heard my entire conversation.

I am so glad that I did the right thing and confronted my ugly faux pas. It sucked, but in the end, it was right.

And so, I learned the hard way, not to talk about people behind their backs. And I truly hope you never have to endure this lesson.

And, just remember, your Smartphone is smarter than you think…

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  1. February 25, 2012 1:38 am

    My Smartphone is definitely smarter. It knows me better than I do. I don’t know if I should be flattered or scared. 😛

    Great post 🙂

  2. beautyqueen62887 permalink
    February 26, 2012 9:41 pm

    wow you got lucky! i am always paranoid that i may text the wrong person a text that they should NOT read . Glad you got it sorted lol luck was on your side that day!


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