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40 Days of Blogging

February 22, 2012

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, and while I am a religious person, I believe there is something for everyone in the season of Lent.

You already know that Lent is a season of penance, of “giving up” things, things like Pop, Candy, Gossiping. But, you may not know, Lent is also a season of reflection, a time for spiritual self-examination. Religious or not, this sounds like a pretty damn helpful endeavor to me.

I considered doing 40 Days of Blogging, not as a penance, but as a tool of reflection–heaven knows I need some sort of spiritual makeover, not only in terms of my Faith, but also in terms of my Life. You know, stuck in a rut, uninspired, unsure of your dreams, passions, goals, complacence. For Pete’s sake, I recently joined Pinterest and for 3 days I could not find one thing to “pin.” This doesn’t even sound

like me, as I generally LOVE everything– Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason? LOVE IT.

But anyway, I am rambling (the fasting doesn’t help, nor the heavy beer that the monks drink during fasting). These ashes on my forward are to remind me that “thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.”

We’ll see if I am able to make it through 40 Days of Blogging, all I know is, I don’t want to waste any more time. I want to live now and make the most out of life, be the best version of me .

And, Peace be with you.


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