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The Year of the Pigeon

December 30, 2010

Today I had yet another run-in with the city pigeon.

Flying Rat

Walking up the stairs to the ‘L’ platform (again), the stars were aligned and I was in exactly the right spot in the right moment in time, for a drop of water to fall directly into my eye from a pigeon excrement-encrusted mesh ceiling covering. I wonder how long until my eye begins oozing with some kind of infectious disease.

As this is my second directly indirect contact with the gutter bird, I wonder if next I am doomed to swallow an entire sky rat? I should probably begin seeking treatment now for Psittacosis.

One more day left this year! As I am at work and the visitors are few and far between, I shall use today to come up with my goals for the New Year. I’ve already been at work for two hours, so I have seven more to figure out my life’s dreams and how to achieve them…!

Perhaps all of my encounters with pigeons are symbolic–I think the universe is trying to tell me something. As pigeons were once a source of communication, perhaps they are trying to relay the message that it is time for a change–and I don’t mean that of a different mode of transportation.

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  1. February 24, 2012 2:35 pm

    hahaha this is awesome. I like sky rats and gutter birds, I’m gonna start using that one
    being in Chicago as well, here’s my obligatory post on pigeons:


  1. An Homage to Pigeons « fly away time.

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