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Magical Alert Monday #2

June 28, 2010

I am especially Monday-tired today. So what better way to start off the day (and the week) than with a POP!

Magical Alert Monday #2: Pop.

Pop is one of the greatest, simplest pleasures that many take for granted. For me, pop is the champagne of non-alcoholic beverages. An Extra-Curricular. The Dalai Lama of Liquids. A Testimony to God’s Existence.

Upon meeting someone who does not like pop (GASP!!!!), I admit, I lose a little bit of respect, as I cannot believe how this can possibly be so. It’s just like when people say they don’t like television (Seriously! How can you not LOVE TV???). Kiss that friendship goodbye.

Now, just imagine: Chicago humidity. Sweat pouring down the backs of your legs. Crowded ride home on the El. Heckled by drunk homeless. Heaving up three flights of stairs to your apartment where your flatmates have already locked into the television. Throwing your bags down and then beelining it to the fridge. And then there she is: a crisp, chilly can of Coke. Or Diet Cherry Pepsi. A&W Rootbeer. All for you. The ceremonious sizzle of cracking into the carbonation as you pop the tab. The drink of the gods, sliding down your gullet, all else melts away.

This past weekend, I enjoyed a two-litre of Diet Coke all to myself, and now I must say I am rather dehydrated and I have the voice of a 68-yr-old smoker. But was it all worth it? QUITE.

While I try to savor pop, I do not drink it everyday–simply because as a singer it dries my voice out too much (oh the woes!). However, when I hear of those select few who drink up to a case (or more) of pop a day, I feel nothing but awe and respect. Some people bare it all for pop. May the power of pop be with you always.

I was thinking about listing here all of my best (favorite) pops (shout out to Surge and Faygo Red Pop) but by the time I finish, it will inevitably be Tuesday and too late for Magical Alert Monday. 

So, set aside your boring java for today and go grab a cold one–pop, that is. Or whatever you please to call it. Soda. Soda pop. Pop. Coke. Soft drink. Carbonated Glory. And remember, there is a reason why advertising for soft drinks is so effective. Because pop is just that powerful–and delicious. (And don’t get me started on soda pop commercials…save that for the next Magical Alert.)

And thus, I have to leave you with a gift from the Queen of Pop herself: see below for Britney Spears’ infamous Pepsi commercial. And remember, Give. Live. Love. (Coke!)

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  1. August 17, 2010 7:54 pm

    Funny, your two-liter comment, I experienced the joy of enjoying such a bottle myself [].

    I can’t tell if you took the classy route and used a glass; I swigged straight from the bottle and must admit, it was lovely!

    Great blog.

  2. August 17, 2010 11:06 pm

    You and my husband are soda soulmates! He is constantly drinking soda. His preffered “carbonated glory” is Dr. Pepper, but he enjoys several others as well. And since he works in a restaurant, he gets as much free soda as he wants. Its madness!

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