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Magical Alert Monday #1

June 7, 2010

Let’s face it, Monday’s are the worst. They wouldn’t be so bad if everyone didn’t feel this way. Even if you woke up on  the right side of the bed, someone–make it several someones–at work, or on the train, are bound to have the Monday grumps.

So here’s a post I will be doing every Monday, to push us through the hardest day of the week. And before you know it, it will be tomorrow.

Magical Alert #1 : Running into Music

This last Friday at about 11:40pm, as I was about set for bed, my boyfriend decided it would be fun to take the (40 minute) El ride to Chinatown to see a friend’s band. While at first I was annoyed as ever, just wanting to crawl into bed and watched the beloved Wire, I chugged the cure of angels, a Diet Mtn Dew, and found myself on the (dirty) red line.

Of course, when we arrived at Reggie’s Music Joint the friend’s band was just packing up to head home, ending an hour earlier than expected… we grabbed our $1 PABST coupon and headed next door to Reggie’s Rock Club where another band was just gearing up to play.

When the band blasted their first few notes, a full brass section blaring solid harmonies louder than loud, I instantly knew that this was actually going to be a very fun night, for this band was a funk band. And up until that moment, I had forgotten how great funk truly, really, most wonderfully, is.

The band that I cosmically and serendipitously ran into that night was called Tad Dancin’–and they covered some really great funk tunes, such as Tower of Power’s “What’s Hip?” If you are looking for a great night, a reason to groove, try running into them–tell them the crazy fan in the red dress says “Waaah, I loveeee youuuu!” This (re)discovery of funk music has inspired me once again!

Following the theme of this Monday’s Magical Alert, I just found out that I am going to be bumping into some more great music later tonight with the start of Millennium Park’s Downtown Sound: New Music Monday. This FREE Monday event kicks off with She & Him with Hollows. If you are in Chicago, head to the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at 6:30 and feel happy that it’s Monday!

So, to conclude this Monday’s Magical Alert, it’s easy to listen to the same music again and again, forgetting the vastness of the music out there, millions of soulful, funky, or just plain beautiful tunes just waiting for your heart’s discovery. Magical Alert: Try running into a few new tunes a day. It will for sure brighten your day, and maybe even change your life.

Here’s one to leave you feeling totally magical:

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  1. July 21, 2010 10:29 am

    So glad you enjoyed the show! We all had a great time at Reggie’s, and it’s fan reactions like this that make being a musician the greatest job ever.

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