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“Mo-om, I’m borrrred.”

April 27, 2010

Growing up there were a few things we were not allowed to say. . .

“MOM, Jenna said the F-WORD!”

“She what!?!” 

“Yeah, she said FINE!”

Similarly, my mother also hated this one simple phrase:

Mom. I’m. Bored.

And of course, as a kid, I didn’t like when she shot back:

Well, then clean your room.”

“But I don’t want to!”

“Well, then you’re not bored.

 Well, now I am 24 and I can say it: FINE, I am BORED!

…..BUT, different from when I was a child, I am excited by this concept of dullness, and I don’t see it as a bad thing–though I agree with my mother that FINE isn’t the “finest” of words.

While reading the April issue of O Magazine, a magazine which calls people to live their best life, I came across the article, “How to Live in the Moment – Six visionaries on what it takes to seize the day.”

One of these “visionaries,” Stewart Brand, the founding editor of the Whole Earth Catalog and author of the new Whole Earth Discipline, said something that really stuck with me:

“I’m a great believer in boredom as a motivator, particularly when things are going well and whatever it is you’re doing, you can do in your sleep. Well, if that’s how you feel, chances are, you are doing it in your sleep. So I try to notice when I’m getting bored, and I either let it build up, so I can feel motivated to haul off and do something weird, or respond to it right away. A combination of curiosity and boredom is what motivates me. Passion, I’m not so sure.”

A-Ha! Use boredom as motivation, when nothing else seems to be coming!

Who knew BOREDOM was actually such a magical thing.

If only I understood that as a kid.

“Mom, I’m hungry.”

“Well, would you like some tuna casserole?”


“Well, then you’re not hungry.”

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