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my face is one big allergy

April 15, 2010

I was thinking about my first (brilliant) post and I realized that maybe, maybe I am in fact starting this blog because I am inspired. I am inspired by my own lack of inspiration.

Well…ok I am also inspired by spring, popcorn (obviously) and pie-baking. Hummingbirds, Isabel Allende. And of course dresses of any sort, Billie Holiday and Palestrina. And my sister’s dogs (all nine, yes I said nine).

But, but. Something is missing. I keep blaming it on my career (or rather lack there of), struggling to find my footing after graduating (two years ago). I’ve become lost in our country’s recession and I have no clue where I stand or where to go from here.

Yet, I know this now. And all that…that crap…is now my inspiration and I am going to push through it–and bore you (or entertain you) at the same time.

Am I off to a bad start with this blog? Maybe not.

Onward! Up, up and away!

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