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April 14, 2010

I wonder how many forgotten blogs are out there–the ones that people start, post two, maybe three entries and then forget about until a year, or maybe three years, later.  A noble, romantic start, inspired by one thing or another.  And then, well, something happens; writer’s block, life, work, your dog has puppies, you burn the popcorn. And the blog falls away…  Just like that Twitter account with 12 very enthusiastic tweets from day one, 7 tweets from day two, by day 12, tweet so long…

I mean, I’ve done it myself. My first blog I started two years ago, with only two posts, and several drafts in the dugout that never quite made it up to bat.

Will this blog be different? Hope so. I’m looking for a grand slam.

I am feeling rather un-inspired, so maybe that is a good sign. And stuck. Trying to figure out the future, forgetting about right now.

So, I’ve decided it’s time. Time to fly.

Cheers to this new blog and cheers to you!

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